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The Clash Best Performances

A powerhouse of voices. These singing talents are a treasure for an entertainment network. If I were GMA Network, I would keep them all to form the largest singing mix boy-girl band in the world. I would call the all-boys group BBB Ever, which stands for Biggest Boy Band Ever. I would call the all-girls group Powerhouse. Together, I would call them The Ambivalent Crowd – a singing mix band of 32 singers.

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My Top Favorites

I have arranged the playlist based on my top favourites.

If I were a producer, I would market the girls to rival the all-girl bands in Korea. I would promote them as young and cheerful, much like K-pop, but with Pinoy fibre. The songs I have in mind are (re-arranged for the millennials, young and rhythmic):

  1. Bakit Ganyan Ang Pag-ibig by Becca Godinez
  2. Giggles by Becca Godinez
  3. Mamang Sorbetero by Celeste Legaspi
  4. Saranggola ni Pepe by Celeste Legaspi
  5. Ang Pipit by Pilita Corales
Together, I would like to hear them their version of The Coconut Song by Ryan Cayabyab. A Christmas album featuring traditional Filipino Christmas songs would be a bestseller for the group. The last time we had an album like that was in 1981 Pasko Ng Mga Bituin released by WEA Records.

What is The Clash?

The Clash is a reality TV where 60 singing contenders fight for battle to survive until one man/woman is left standing. Read more about it on Wikipedia.


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