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Protege Lovely Was Eliminated But Saved

What they called the Big Twist saved Lovely from being eliminated. The twist called back the 5 proteges eliminated earlier. The remaining mentors had mixed opinions. Claire said it was not fair. Aiza said the ex-proteges deserved a second because of their talent, not because of the text votes.

Earlier in Party Pilipinas, Lovely's duet with Jonalyn Viray was well applauded. Unfortunately, she landed in the bottom floor because of low text votes.

Krizza's performance of Kamikaze's "Narda" in a new arrangement, accompanied by an orchestra, was truly a superb performance. Aiza truly knows how to groom a talent. Jensen's interpretation of "Anak" was the second best among the rest. The other proteges did just OK.
Ginisa ng mga Judges ang SoWat Apparently the judges were offended by the remarks of SoWat in Inside Protege. SoWat had a hard time accepting the judges' criticisms in a positive point of view. Eula Valdez was impressed by SoWat's perfo…

Protégé Nomer: Goodbye Everybody, I've Got To Go

In his rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody with Rachel Ann Go, Nomer sang "Goodbye everybody. I've got to go...." Quite truly, Nomer had to go because he's been eliminated from Protégé. A life of the show Inside Protégé, TV audience will miss him. While he's hot, GMA should not let the opportunity go. The network should cast Nomer immediately for Party Pilipinas.
The Curse of Goodbye Songs In Bohemian Rhapsody, Nomer sang the line "Goodbye everybody. I've got to go." From the song Lately (by Stevie Wonder), Kenneth sang the line "cause its time could mean goodbye." As their thought projected, Nomer had to leave the competition while Kenneth, being in the bottom two, almost said goodbye as well.

I have followed American Idol since season 3. One thing I've noticed that every time a contestant sings a goodbye song, his idol journey ends. I don't know why is that. Maybe it's true that what you think is what you get.
Krizza and Aiz…

Protégé Cast In A Glee-Like Project?

If I were GMA Network, I would cast the 10 Protégé in a Glee-like project immediately after the finals of Protégé. The project should be a funny and warm musical drama aired only once a week for one season taking either the Saturday or Sunday slot. The musical drama series should not be the typical soap with annoying, repeating plots like:
Mother loses child; child looks for motherSomeone is killed; somebody takes revengeKid is kidnapped; then there's an explosionAmnesia, murder, guns, amnesia, murder, guns .... and never ending amnesia, murder, gunsAre Filipino writers running out of creativity? Filipino writers should study the success of Glee. Light drama, subtle acting, with sense of humor, and simple plots made heart-warming.
Let it be called "Play" Here's a suggestion. Name the musical drama series "Play". It's about the lives of young theater actors. It's a drama on stage, backstage, and back home. Tackle ordinary day-to-day subjects like:


Protégé (GMA 7) Denise Leaves Tonight :)

Sad to see Denise leaves. In this generation, she's actually the one who is current and commercial. She belongs to the music genre of today. I would miss watching her in Inside Protege.

Protégé Krizza did her best again. Sad to say, she's in the bottom two. Maybe, Protege should put more weight on the judges' score over the text votes. Krizza out-shone every one tonight. Her talent is raw and natural.

Jensen also did a good performance. Hard to believe she's in the bottom group. Good thing, though Krizza and Jensen were in the bottom group, they were not eliminated tonight. The difference between Krizza and Jensen is that Krizza's voice is a natural talent; Jensen's voice is learned or something like perfected with practice.

What could be a good packaging for So Wat? The judges love them but they want to see something that will give identity to the group. What about singing two songs at the same time like singing two classics of Michel Legrand with a modern twi…