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Starstruck V Dance Challenge

Douglas Nieras, the Starstruck's dance mentor, chose two pairs to dance hiphop: Rocco & Diva, and Sef & Nina. Rocco and Diva danced better because they were dancing together. Nina and Sef were like dancing individually. Diva did better than Nina on stage; Nina however was praised more during the rehearsals. Perhaps, Nina had jitters on stage. Rocco was naturally confident and relax on stage. Sef's moves tend to be calculated.

In the Ballroom challenge, the two pairs chosen to perform on stage were: Rocco & Rox, and Enzo & Diva. Enzo and Diva danced well. Rocco & Rox's performance was boring. As beginners though, they all did well.

The Bottom Three

The bottom three are: Princess, for missing one dance class; though he did well on the dance floor, Sef was in the bottom three for some reasons; and Zeryl, who missed the dance lessons for health reasons.

Stand Outs

At this point, Rocco is a stand out. He's charming, has the masculine manly appeal. His eyes ex…

Starstruck V Top 30

Some of the faces that made it to the Starstruck V Top 30. Some of them looked promising but didn't make it to the next level. They have a year to improve their craft and audition again next year.

The Top 30 does not include those who auditioned abroad.

Starstruck V Auditions

After two years, GMA Network brings back to television its original reality TV - Starstruck. In Starstruck I, Dingdong Dantes and Nancy Castiliogne hosted the phenomenal event. Starstruck I produced talents like Jennilyn Mercado, Mark Herras, Rainier Castillo, Yasmin Kurdi, Katrina Halili, Kristine Reyes, Sheena Halili, Tyron Perez, Dion Ignacio, and Nadine Samonte. That year, F4 of Taiwan was popular, thus the F4 hairdo was also popular among young guys. Rainier Castillo, who was supporting an F4 look, was a crowd drawer. For that reason, the rival network, also tried to produce the same personality in the person of Hero Angeles, who is now with GMA Network. (One of the castaways of Survivor 2 was Justine, a transexual. For that reason, PBB also included a transexual.)

Starstruck II was hosted by Dingdong Dantes and Jolina Magdangal. Nancy Castiliogne moved to ABS-CBN. It produced talents like LJ Reyes and Mike Tan. Dingdong and Jolina continued to host Starstruck III, which produced …

Starstruck V Top 28

From Top 30, twenty-one were picked from those who auditioned in the Philippines. From those who auditioned in USA, Canada, Japan, Bahrain, and Singapore, seven were picked making the Top 28.

The top 14 girls are: Janel Olafson, Zeryl Lim, Jaramie Padolina, Fianca Cruz, Mich Liggayu, Sarah Labahti, Nina Kodaka (Japan), Naomi King, Vanessa Harrison (Canada), Diva Montelaba, Princess Snell, Gold Gamir, Rox Montealegre, Astrid.

The top 14 boys are: Rolo Espino, Ian Batherson, Rocco Nacino, Shane Parminter, Enzo Pineda, Pierro Vergara, Nico Umali (Japan), Rye Burgos (USA), Adam Hussein, Steven Silva, Kahlid, Sef Cadeyano, MJ Bautista (USA), Eduard Banoza.