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Throwback Mix - Movie and TV Trivias

Try if you can recall "who's who" and "what was what" based on the following clues.
This beautiful Filipina mix hosted the first season of a magazine show on a cable channel ETC.The original love team was Kathryn Bernardo and this young actor in this drama series based on a Korean drama.This Filipino fastfood chain was seen from an episode of a musical dramedy seen on Fox. Superman and Arrowman were good friends in this superhero serials that lasted 10 seasons in almost 10 years. She first played the wicked bird-woman in the TV series Mulawin with this name before the wicked Queen did in the The Huntsman.He was one of the Von Trapp children who played Spiderman on a TV series.He played the first superhero who graced the first 3D superscreen in the Philippines.In this finale, he left the kingdom of King Arthur and lived until the present time.In this popular adventure series, even the writers didn't know about the mystery of the island.Zoom this photo to a…

Throwback: Lord Of The Rings Photos & Wallpapers

The fantasy novel The Hobbit was written by English writer JRR Tolkien in 1937. The book series The Lord of the Rings were written between 1937 and 1949. Sold over 150 million copies, LOTR is the best-selling novel ever written. (Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone ranked 4th with 107 million copies sold. The popular film version of the book series was exhibited in 2001, 2002, and 2003. Reminisce the scenes with these photos.