Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza's #ALDUB TV Commercials

A collection of all the TV commercials with Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza since the #ALDUB phenomenon hit the world, where there is every a Filipino. The ALDUB fan base aka aldub nation is a powerful consumer group. McDonald's Philippines was the very first brand that could have instinctively seen (or risked) a pot of gold in the #ALDUB phenomenon. After airing the very first #ALDUB TV commercial for McDonald's chicken fillet a la king on 11 September 2015, the fastfood giant enjoyed a 470% growth in sales transactions compared to previous ad campaigns. (Read story here.)

This playlist is a compilation all the #ALDUB TV commercials, as published by their respective brands. This playlist saves you the time searching for each TVC on YouTube.

Alden and Maine's Brand Endorsements

1McDonald's Chicken Fillet a la King "AlDub Ko To"
Published 10 September 2015. Views, 688,117 as of 3 Feb 2016.
2Talk n' Text TNT Extend "Extended ang Saya with TNT & ALDUB!"
Published 14 September 2015. Views as of 5 Feb 15: 656,465. Daily average increase: 4558 views
16Eskinol Philippines Eskinol Commercial with Maine Mendoza
Published 29 January 2016. views after 4 days, 94396
17CDO Funtastyk Maine Mendoza for CDO Funtastyk #YoungAngLoveKo TVC 2016
Published 29 January 2016. Views after 4 days, 506.

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