Alden and Maine's #SayItWithCadbury Valentines Teaser

Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza's latest TV commercial is with the chocolate brand Cadbury by Cadbury Philippines. Check out this very first 5-seconder teaser you didn't even notice it was an #AlDub TV commercial.


This 5-second TVC teaser was published 28 December 2015. So far, it has been viewed only 424 times. Perhaps, the #ALDUB nation was not aware of it. When I first saw it, I had a hunch that it was Alden and Maine.

The second Cadbury TVC teaser reveals Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza. This 27-seconder teaser has been viewed 28000 times since it was published two days ago (17 January). On Facebook, this video has been viewed 730k times.


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