The Twist That Protégé Jensen Turned Gold Into A Stone

The Final 5 Before The Twist

Lovely performed well that night but she was eliminated. On the other hand, Nomer was too young for "Bohemian Rhapsody". It was just right if he was eliminated based on that night's performance. So, the final Five were Jensen, Lirah, So Wat, Krizza, and Kenneth. Based on the group's performance, So Wat could have been eliminated but text votes saved them.

The Twist That Saved Lovely and Nomer

The twist was to call back the 5 Protégés who were earlier eliminated. The five contenders battled for a second chance. As a result, Nomer and Lovely were called back. The next night was a double elimination night. The seven Protégés performed well that night except for So Wat. Kenneth and Lirah's performances were just average. So Wat was bombarded with negative remarks. The twist did not favor Kenneth and So Wat. They were eliminated that night; and there was no second chance for them. The twist favored Nomer and Lovely. They are now part of the final five. Their second chance its reward.

The Final Three Surprise

In the last elimination, the final five all performed well. But of course, somebody should stand out. Krizza was the best of all. Malinis na malinis ang kanyang pag-awit. Jensen was the second best. Lovely's and Lirah's performances were good to see but without watching them, i.e. listening to their vocals only, they were not that good. Visual performance could be deceiving.

Nomer, as always, was very confident. At age 10, he's truly gifted. Krizza started as an underdog. She made it to the Top 3. Nomer and Lovely could have tied but Nomer was eliminated. His age could have been a factor that did not favor him. Lirah, surprisingly, made it to the Top 3. She's good but compared to Jensen, the latter was a lot better.

 Jensen should have been part of the Top 3 because she was really good but she didn't make it. Perhaps, the text votes pulled her down. Unfortunately, there was no second chance for her which is unfair like her mentor Claire remarked. If not for the twist, Jensen could have reached the Top 3.

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