Endless Love - A Filipino Adaptation of Autumn in My Heart

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"Autumn in My Heart" is a Korean TV series. When GMA Network aired it on Philippine TV, it started a trend. Pinoys went gaga over Koreanovelas. GMA renamed the characters as Jenny, Johnny, and Andrew. The three Korean stars became popular in their character names rather than in their Korean screen names. GMA7 also gave it a new title - "Endless Love" - for the reason that there's no autumn in the Philippines.

Today premieres once again Autumn in my Heart aka Endless Love but this time as a Filipino adaptation starring Marian Rivera, Dingdong Dantes, and Dennis Trillo. Three superstars in one show! It's surely a hit.

If I were to rewrite some scenes in Autumn In My Heart

In general, I enjoyed the pilot episode of Autumn In My Heart. I particularly like the scene where young Johnny and Jenny ride their bicycles on a long brick road fenced with bougainvilla bushes. I give praise to whoever found that place. The school location was also a perfect set. The pilot episode wasn't boring because it was rich in content. I hope all the rest of the episodes would be like that.

The episode is not but without flaws. When Jenny met an accident, adrenalin of a good loving brother was to rush to her and rescue. But he did not. Nakatunganga lang si Johnny. When Jenny was climbing a tree, nakatunganga lang din si Johnny.

If I could rewrite some scenes, the following are my versions.
  • Why would a father leave a son, a toddler, for a camera? That's stupid! Instead, the toddler could have slipped through the door of the nursery while the father was talking with the nurse outside the nursery.
  • Toddler Johnny could have removed the two crib cards from the crib sleeves and switched them when he returned the cards, The nurse would be stupid just to put them back without even checking if she was returning the cards to the correct crib.
  • Young Johnny saw his parents in Shirley's place. The tendency of a good son with a good relationship with his parents is to rush to his parents and greet them even in the strangest places unless young Johnny's going to Shirley's place was a secret. But there was no preparation to express such secrecy.

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