Rare Animals Found in the Philippines

The Philippine Eagle or Haribon can only be found in the Philippines. It is the world's largest eagle. Unfortunately, it is endangered; around 200 survive in the wild forests of the Philippines. Unlike other eagles, haribon needs a 100 km perimeter in order to breed. Other than the haribon, there are more animals special to Philippines. Some of these rare animals are endemic to Philippines. Most of them are endangered. You may click the link if you want more information about the animal.
  1. Philippine Eagle or Haribon 
  2. Tarsier 
  3. Whale Shark or Butanding 
  4. Palawan Mouse Deer or Pilandok 
  5. Dugong 
  6. Tamaraw 
  7. Philippine Crocodile or Bukarot 
  8. Philippine Cockatoo or Katala 
  9. Civet Cat or Alamid 
  10. Golden Crowned Flying Fox or Kabog 
  11. Palawan Peacock Pheasant or Tandikan 
  12. Northern Luzon Giant Cloud Rat or Bu-ot 
  13. Palawan Bearcat or Binturong 
  14. Giant Clam or Taklobo 
  15. Sinarapan 
If you like the Philippine Eagle, you can download a wallpaper at the Haribon Foundation website.

Source: Ang Pinaka, QTV, GMA Network. Ang Pinaka is aired Sundays at 6:00 PM.

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