Pinoy in The Kish Island

The Kish Island is a free-port tourist destination in Iran. The island is located between Tehran and UAE. No visa is required to enter the island. Filipinos, who need to exit from Middle East before the expiration of their visas, stay on this island while they wait for the renewal of their next visas.
The sad story is that some Filipinos got stranded here for the reason that they could no longer afford to pay for their hotels and airline tickets. There are times when a visa takes months before it is approved; thus, the Filipinos will need to stay longer in the island. For the Filipinos who could no longer afford to stay in a hotel, they spend the nights on the beach.
There are good Samaritans, however, in the island. There are Filipinos who help their fellow Filipinos. Like Fatima, who works in a hotel, solicit donations from Filipinos aboard the hotel bus each time she brings and picks up Filipino tourists to and from the airport. The money is then used to buy airline tickets for a stranded Filipino.
On the other hand, there are also Filipinos who do not believe the sad stories of the stranded Pinoys.
[Recap of "The Kish Island - A Reporter's Notebook Anniversary Special" aired on 24 July 2007, GMA-7, Philippines. Hosted by Jiggy Manicad and Maki Pulido.]

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